Suppliers Perspective

Blessed Events doesn’t just save its clients money…

Over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry means that Blessed Events will save suppliers time, work, and as a result, money. Knowledge of the meetings industry from both sides of planning and execution means that suppliers are provided with complete information and creative solutions.

AV-Canada has had the opportunity since 2000 to partner with Blessed Events on many successful events.

We attribute our success to your professionalism, attention to detail and upbeat attitude when dealing with both our company and our valued clients. Your candid, upfront style leads to solutions that always help us deliver excellent services at the best possible price for everyone.

The growth of our partnerships has been due to a nurturing of relationships and collaborations with clients and other suppliers. We are proud to be associated with such an outstanding company as Blessed Events and hope our association will continue to grow in the future.

White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa We would recommend using Blessed Events when you require assistance in the planning process for your next conference. As a Meeting Planner, Heidi Wilker is at the top of her game and a pleasure to work with!From a Hotel Supplier’s perspective, she is a “one stop shop” and assists us in dealing effectively with multiple leads.

Heidi provides hassle free meeting planning, As a result of her knowledge of the meeting industry and her skills in proper contract negotiations, your company can reap a potential cost savings benefit. Most importantly, she provides a personal touch which in turn will guarantee to make your event a success!

The Winnipeg Convention Centre has had the opportunity to work with Heidi Wilker of Blessed Events on several occasions over the past four years on both national and international conventions.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Heidi as she is extremely familiar with both our facility and staff. Heidi’s extensive knowledge of our facility and services coupled with her tremendous experience in the event planning industry, translates into a positive experience and successful event for all parties involved.

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